This koi pond was built in Winsford it is approximately 14ft x 10ft x 5.5ft deep it is lined with a box welded rubber liner, so has no creases. We cut the liner and sealed it to the bottom drain, inlets and outlets. The pond is built out of the ground by 2.5ft and in the ground be approx 3ft

The window isĀ  4ft x 2ft and the glass in toughened. We rendered the outside and laid black limestone coping son the walls of the pond.

We fitted the customers filter system which consisted of a nexus 220, uv and pumps these were housed in a continuation of the pond, which we covered with custom built lids all the front of the pond was finished with slate clippings.

We also added a pergola to the pond which was bolted to the back walls and concreted into the floor a meter in front of the pond and covered to keep the customer dry if they stand in front of the pond and for shading from sunlight.

When finished we start the whole system and added the customers fish.

These have been my customers of Ponds North West now for over 2 years.