4000 gallon pond built in Winsford, Cheshire, we designed and fully constructed a complete pond with a window and pergola

We started by excavating the hole for the pond and filter system to the required depths, we fitted the bottom drain and pipework that will feed the filter from the pond. Following this we laid a concrete base in the bottom and around the newly installed drain. We then constructed the solid block walls for the pond and waterfall leaving a gap for the koi pond window. We installed the stainless steel frame for the window.

We lined the pond using a box welded life-time guarantee rubber pond liner that was measured and welded to the correct sizes, this way the liner has no folds or creases and aesthetically looks better than folding liners in the corners. The glass for the window was then fitted into the frame.

We fitted an evolution aqua nexus 320 filter system with pumps and uv’s to run the pond.

The outside of the pond was rendered and painted in a light cream colour with slate copings stones that provides a lovely finish and really stands out in the customers garden.

Finally we built a pergola over the pond, this also extended in front of the pond by a meter. This was to provide shade and cover for the koi and the customer when he went to the pond.

The customer already had his own koi to put in the pond from his previous house, we went to collect all his koi and rehoused them in his new pond. The customer says they settled very quickly and to date there has been no issues with the pond or the koi and the customer is very happy. We aim to help and work alongside this and every other customer for years to come

If you think we can help you build or renovate an existing pond please call us on 07737674417 we also offer any advice we can!