1200 gallon pond built in Worsley, Manchester we designed and constructed the complete pond with a window.

We started by excavating the hole for the pond to the required depth. We laid a concrete base in the bottom of the hole. We then constructed the solid block walls for the pond leaving a gap for the koi pond window. We installed the stainless steel frame for the window.

We lined the pond with black fibreglass, this was all done on-site by our trained and experienced fibreglassing team. The glass for the window was then fitted into the frame.

This pond is filtered using a pressurised filter and Uv and run by a pump in the pond.

The outside of the pond was cladded with Indian sandstone paving and black limestone copings were fitted on top of the wall.

We planted around the pond and laid some paving at the front under the window for a standing area.

The customer loved his new pond, we have now been maintaining there pond for over 2 years and we aim to help and work alongside this and every other customer for years to come.

If you think we can help you build or renovate an existing pond please call us on 07737 674417 we also offer any advice we can!