The pond dimensions are approx 12 X 10 X 6ft deep about 4200 gallons, it has a 4” bottom drain that is connected into the filter chamber to be connected to a nexus 310 filter system.

We constructed the pond by laying a concrete base and the built the walls out of solid concrete blocks. We installed a 3ft window in the front that is made from a stainless steel frame and 19mm glass.

The pond is lined using a box welded rubber liner and all pipework is sealed through the walls into the back of the liner, so that no pipework is on show over the top of the pond. We rendered the outside of the pond which was then painted. We capped the pond with black limestone paving that complimented the light coloured walls.

  • Pond is raised out the ground by approx. 4ft
  • It has a surface skimmer built into the wall of the pond.
  • 1 bottom drain for the pond

The pond filter system was installed to the right hand side of the garden near the fence in a continuation of the pond walls. Filter system and the skimmer were run totally separately from each other with individual pumps. Ponds Northwest supplied all materials.

  • Nexus 310 customers own
  • 2 x 55w UV units
  • 1 pump with 2 returns( 1 mid-water)
  • Wall Skimmer
  • 1 x pump to run skimmer
  • 1 x bottom drain
  • Switch boxes(to run all pumps and UV’s)
  • All pipework and valves as required

Ponds North West supplied and constructed a wooden lean too pergola on top of the pond. It was constructed so it sat on the back wall of the pond but the front legs where 2ft in front of the pond and concreted into the ground. We covered it with dark plastic sheet and bamboo screening. We also built a decking lid for the filter house for easy access. All filter drainage is connected straight into the main drain for ease of cleaning.