On the photos below you will see that we unearthed a hidden gem of a pond in this garden after careful digging. However, the existing structure did not hold water. We carried out extensive work to the area to repair the existing structure.

We then fibreglassed the whole structure approx. 250m2 massive area. There was about 30 tonnes of rocks and cobbles to place back around and in the pond. We fitted 3 bottom drains that would feed 2 drum bio combi filters along with pumps and amalgam UV’s.

We constructed a lovely waterfall that was built between the banks at the back of the pond. I think you will agree that this is a fantastic looking natural large pond.

In house landscapers will be landscaping and planting in and around the pond.

If you think we can help you build or renovate an existing Pond, please call us on 077376 74417. We also offer any advice we can.

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