Ponds Northwest specialise in design and installation of natural looking ponds that look like they have been established for years.


Natural ponds are self-sustaining, low maintenance, complete ecosystems (ecoscape). An ecosystem works with nature to create the perfect environment for all forms of aquatic life.

Natural ponds consist of biological and mechanical filtration, aquatic plants, rocks, gravel, and finally fish.Each of these is dependant on the others to fulfil its own job in the ecosystem.

Ponds Northwest uses only the very best Aquascape filtration products which allow the beneficial bacteria to thrive. This in turn enables them to effectively break down and convert the excess nutrients in the pond such as fish waste into a source of food for aquatic plants and ensures an excellent quality of water for your fish.

The rocks and gravel not only give the pond the natural look, but also facilitate the filtration process by providing a huge amount of surface area for the beneficial bacteria to colonise. This environment creates the perfect habitat for all aquatic life to thrive in.

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Natural Ponds

Natural Pond Designs

Whether your garden pond is small or a large natural pond in a public location, Ponds Northwest can create, maintain and manage your water quality to ensure the cleanest and healthiest pond conditions.

Natural Pons Installation
Dave from Ponds Northwest has been maintaining our pond for years and the quality of service always remains high. The water quality is superb and the fish are active and healthy.
J. Bolderson
Ponds Northwest design and installed a stunning pond into our garden in Widnes. The lads didn’t have the best weather but was prepared and work continued. The standard of the finished pond is excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
James Caine