Not only are we specialists in pond construction, Ponds Northwest, also have many years of experience in cleaning, restoring, and maintaining the quality of ponds, lakes and water-features.

When we construct a pond ourselves, we make every effort to make the pond as easy to maintain as possible, however some customers have very little time or knowledge on their hands and would prefer for us to maintain the quality of their pond and health of their fish.

Our services include everything that entails looking after your pond or pool; from water quality, water clarity, filter cleans, UV changes, general improvements, full cleans, equipment replacement all the way through to fish health.

Pond Maintenance
pond maintenance

Our pond maintenance customer base includes customers we have built ponds for, customers who built their own pond constructions and customers who have used other pond constructors.

We also work on commercial jobs, both building and looking after ponds for landscaping firms and businesses.

At Ponds North West we are more than happy to help new or existing customers with issues surrounding their ponds and to carry out all their maintenance requirements.

Ponds Northwest are happy to offer a bespoke maintenance service to suit your needs.

Our standard service includes:

  • the cleaning of filtration systems.
  • servicing and cleaning pumps.
  • changing UV bulbs if required (normally in spring).
  • testing water quality.
  • netting and vacuuming to reduce the amount of sludge or debris.
  • Skim water debris off surface of pond.
  • Adding treatments for fish or water.
  • cleaning waterfalls and/or features.
koi water quality

As a bespoke service, this can be offered as a one-off maintenance visit, or as monthly, quarterly, or six-monthly maintenance contracts.

All of our maintenance services are bespoke, to suit the needs of you and your pond.

Please note, this service is not a full clean out.

However, regular monthly maintenance carried out on your pond can avoid the need for a full pond clean.

Additional pond maintenance services:

  • UV replacements or upgrades.
  • Filter replacements or upgrades.
  • Full pond cleans.
  • Blanket weed and algae removal and control.
  • Water clarity improvements.
  • Planting for ponds or cutting back existing plants.
  • Fish health advice.

Ensure your pond remains in tip top condition all year round with a pond maintenance service with Ponds Northwest.

Ponds Northwest have been maintaining our pond for years and the water quality is excellent as all the Koi are healthy and active at all times.
S Jones | Bury
Maintaining our pond just because to much for me and my wife but it was mainly due to the overhead trees causing issues with leaves. Ponds Northwest now full maintain the pond, clean it and ensure the water quality is perfect for the Koi.
Brian | Trafford