Ponds Northwest specialise in pond cleaning in the North West, ensuring that your pond not only looks perfect all year round but provides excellent water conditions for healthy fish.


Unless your pond is fitted with gravity fed filters which are running off a bottom drain, Ponds Northwest recommends that contemporary Koi ponds are drained and cleaned every three to five years and natural ponds are drained and cleaned every two years.

With the exception of gravity fed filters fitted with bottom drains, no matter how efficient your filtration system is, over time there will always be waste that accumulates at the bottom of the pond. This is perfectly normal, but if it is not removed occasionally, it can cause problems such as poor water quality which impacts fish health, filter and pump blockages, or low visibility.

Our pond cleaning service will bring your pond back to life by restoring optimum filtration capability and more importantly, creating a healthy environment for your fish and wildlife

For a complete breakdown of the pond clean please get in touch!

before pond clean

Before and After the pond clean by Ponds Northwest

Our Pond Cleaning Services include:

  • a complete draining of all water from the pond
  • removal of fish into temporary Koi vats
  • removal of all sludge and debris from the bottom of the pond
  • the cleaning of filtration systems
  • servicing pumps
  • changing UV bulbs if required (normally in spring)
  • checking general fish health
  • cleaning waterfalls and/or features and cutting back plants if required
  • and any other bespoke services requested
Before Pond Cleaned
After Pond Cleaned
Dave from Ponds Northwest has been maintaining our pond for years and the quality of service always remains high. The water quality is superb and the fish are active and healthy.
J. Bolderson
Ponds Northwest design and installed a stunning pond into our garden in Widnes. The lads didn’t have the best weather but was prepared and work continued. The standard of the finished pond is excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
James Caine