A 3500 Gallon pond we built in Entwistle Bury. The customer wanted the planting area in his forecourt making into a pond, so we designed a pond that would fit in, but also include the filter in the same area. We constructed the complete koi pond, decking filter area and waterfall. Its 6ft deep in the middle.

The hole was excavating for the pond by removing some of the court yard wall and driving a digger in then digging down to remove all the soil, The bottom drain and pipework that will feed the filter from the pond was fitted into place so that it would feed were we planned to fit the filter. Following this a concrete base was laid in the bottom and around the newly installed drain. The block walls where then constructed to form the pond with planting shelves and filter area. All this was then rendered ready to be fibreglassedThe p. ond was then fibreglassed in black, We are trained and experienced fibreglassers and can fibreglass any shape or size pond or waterfeature.

We fitted a neus 320 that runs off a bottom drain that then with the use of an external pump feeds an evolution aqua Beed filter UV and evo titanium heater all piped using pressure pipe, fittings and valves all supplied by Cascade koi and aquatics.

Water clarity is as amazing now as it has been since it was first built. The outside of the pond was already in the nice stone which we tidied up and levelled, rebuilding the bit we removed. Then we cut thick Indian sandstone copings for the top all creating a lovely finish and sits nicely in the surroundings of the house and garden.

Simon already had some koi and purchased all or most of his koi/fish from cascade koi and aquatics and has some lovely Isreali koi, The customer says they settled very quickly and to date there has been no issues with the pond or the koi and the customer is very happy. We aim to help and work alongside every other customer for years to come.

If you think we can help you build or renovate an existing pond please call us on 07737 674417. We also offer any advice we can.

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