Ponds North West have just installed a new pond filter on a current pond at a premises in Culcheth, Warrington.

The current pond is a koi pond and the dimensions are 10ft X 10ft X 4ft deep. This project was a complete pond installation it was a complete build from scratch including dig out.

It is built on a concrete base with concrete blocks and cladded on the outside with slate tiles and slate copings to give that high class, natural finish.

The inside has been lined with fibreglass and the filters are run via a bottom drain in the pond.

It is gravity fed into aqua fort sieve.

Water is then pumped through beed filter and there is a 55w UV light to ensure water clarity

In wall skimmer running and air pump for diffuser.

If you need a new pond, pond maintenance or a new filtration system, then get in touch with Ponds North West on 07737 674417